When you do what you love,you love what you do. That is truly how I feel when I stand holding my Nikon  in my hands. I have always loved the sound of the camera and it brings me so much joy and excitement to see the end product of my work. 

Growing up in South Africa and  seeing the beauty that this country has, the spectacular sun rises and the even more amazing sunsets on varying landscapes and oceans, one can only want to capture this in a way that can stop time for that moment. Sharing my love for photography is what makes this an amazing journey, and being able to  bless you with your special moments immortalized on gorgeous prints and wall art  brings joy into your life, and mine. Capturing the moments and expressions in newborn babies, children and families brings joy to them and to myself.

I love to spend time and meet new people, I love been able to know you for a minute and create  images for you  that will last you a life time.

I have a  passion and love for people and children and this can be found in my work and when you meet me you can feel that spirit in me.

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